optX has a proven history of developing mature prototypes for high technology readiness level products. optX utilizes state of the art optical design software packages such as Zemax and Code V for design and analysis of imaging systems and components. These tools are ideal and necessary for critical ray tracing modelling to predict wavelength dependent propagation through an optical system. They enable our engineers to design complex optical systems and components such as aspheric lenses, gradient index lenses, mirrors, and diffractive optical elements, and accurately model their performance including design, fabrication, and stray light impacts. For mechanical design and analysis, optX uses SolidWorks Premium and Simulation, 3-Dimensional Computer Aided Drawing software package to enable product development, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality and reliability. optX performs sensor and system level performance modeling by combining its optical, mechanical, and sensor expertise with the Night Vision Integrated Performance Model (NV-IPM). optX labs are also designed specifically for the assembly and test of advanced optics and camera assemblies. The labs include dedicated assembly spaces equipped with laminar flow benches and ESD stations enabling assembly and test of prototypes and production components.

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