Risley Prism Systems


Risley Prisms for Beam Pointing, Image Steering, & Stabilization


  • Gimbal-Less Applications

  • Fast Steering WFOV Persistent Surveillance

  • Target tracking

  • Laser pointing

  • COTS solutions and custom solutions available

optX builds and custom develops Risley Prism Assembly (RPA) for laser and imaging applications. The imaging capability enables a step-stare amd stabilization capability comparable with that of a gimbal, but with a fraction of the cost. Risley prisms can be designed to operate in both an infrared band and EO bands. This enables image steering that can be utilized to build a large field of regard (FOR) or track targets with existing focal plane technology, and without the use of very expensive gimbals. Sensors can also be pointed independently, enabling different step patterns between spectral bands, and even use multiple sensors to create the desired FOR at a faster frame rate. In addition to the step-stare capability, the RPA can be utilized to compensate for aircraft motion as it circles the desired region of interest.

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